The Difference Maker

About Dwayne Dupar

The Difference Maker

DWAYNE L. DUPAR, DIFFERENCE MAKER, is a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER focused on impacting the world in a positive manner by embracing this name on a daily basis. For the last seven years Dwayne has been making a difference by speaking at churches, schools, correctional facilities, and youth events. Prior to embracing his new career as a Motivational Speaker, Dwayne was a Barber who impacted the community as a leader. In 2005 he was recognized by The Town Talk for donating free haircuts to Hurricane Katrina victims at Northwood High School.


Knowing and understanding your mission is a very important part of life. Dwayne released his first book, “MOTIVATIONAL BARBER”, in October, 2017 one chapter expounded on “Your purpose”. One of his feelings written about in this book confirms his purpose in life as a difference maker. Every day Difference Maker wakes up he’s seeking ways to make the world better, he’s embraced the statement, IF YOU ARE NOT A PART OF THE SOLUTION-THEN YOU MUST BE A PART OF THE PROBLEM. Difference Maker is very passionate about his role as a Motivational Speaker and Mentor. He lives on a lead by example type of system. Dwayne is currently the OWNER/OPERATOR of Precise Barber Shop in Pineville,LA.“Precise” best describes how Dwayne does anything he is a part of. The vision of having an award named after his barber shop has always been a dream. His dream became a reality for the past five years and still going strong. This award,”THE PRECISE ATHLETE”, is presented to athletes in central Louisiana and is presented on the local news.        

Together We Can Make a Difference



Dwayne lives in Pineville, LA where he and his wife of 14 years have enjoyed raising their son and daughter. He is always planning community events and coaching the youths, but his biggest joy is spending time with his wife and children.  Dwayne’s hobbies include restoring classic vehicles and attending car shows.


Although Dwayne is seeking a fulltime career as a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER/MENTOR, he does not take his role as a barber lightly. Dwayne takes all the information he hears from clients and determine the chief complaints/concerns in today’s world.   He reminds his clients that they have free access to a mentor every time they schedule their haircut appointments. Many of his clients have expressed their gratitude for Dwayne being more than just a Barber.  He has been told by family and friends that he was a Motivational Speaker long before he embraced the title.